the glory of God

It is in the death flow 8:03 AM Friday morning. It is a normal sunny hazy morning here by Lake Michigan. I should go out to the Lake this morning and go for a swim. Maybe as I am swimming a shark might join me as I frolic in Lake Michigan.

Carol and I both got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM. I had been awake since 4:37 AM and finally decided to get up when my wife was getting up. I was having a weird dream about midgets when I woke myself up. So I got up made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. Carol wanted to go a bakery this morning to get pigs-in-the blanket and doughnuts, so she left. I ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. When Carol got back I wrote in my paper diary and ate a doughnut.

Carol left this morning to go to a six hour test at the hospital. She works tonight so when she gets home this afternoon she will eat lunch and go to bed to sleep. Our lives are speeding by! We will soon be crossing the River Jordan.

I read this morning some more of the book, "Reading The Bible Supernaturally" by John Piper. I have no plans for the day ahead of me. I should go to a gas station and fill up my old Dodge van with gasoline this morning. I have had this van going on 26 years. Carol drove her car to the hospital this morning. I am thinking of getting myself after the van a BMW sports car. I want a red BMW sports car this time. I think it would be cool driving a BMW around Deathville visiting local thrift stores in search of old used books to add to our old used Book Collection. I do not plan to drive my new car anywhere but only to our local Graveyard to contemplate the emptiness of American culture.

I do not remember much about last night. I did cover for someone at the library Book Nook yesterday from 3 o'clock till 5 o'clock PM. The Book Nook was quiet as a dead person so I read, "Zama" a novel by Antonio Di Benedetto Translated By Esther Allen. I brought home for my free book for volunteering a book titled, "The Smell Of Battle, The Taste Of Siege: A Sensory History Of The Civil War" by Mark M. Smith.

Well, I suppose I will close for the present time being.

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I had a colleague who, years ago, drove a very old Mercedes car to work. She paid very little for it, as things go, but she got both the Mercedes allure and the retro car allures out of it. If I were to do the BMW thing, I'd want to do it like she did-something old, and perfect for thrift-store-visits.
what my wife spent on a new kitchen could have enabled me to buy this sports car-I doubt if I will ever own such a car since I am going to heaven