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Used Books & The Nix a novel by Nathan Hill 
30th-Mar-2017 01:41 pm

One can find a below a list of the books mentioned in this BookTube video-

"Scripture As Real Presence: Sacramental Exegesis in the Early Church" by Hans Boersma

"The Nix" a novel by Nathan Hill

"Man's Better Angels: Romantic Reformers and the Coming of the Civil War" by Philip F. Gura

"Paradise Now: The Story Of American Utopianism" by Chris Jennings

"Robert Lowell Setting The River On Fire: A Study Of Genius, Mania, And Character" by Kay Redfield Jamison

"Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness And The Artistic Temperament" by Kay Refield Jamison

Large Print hardback King James Bible Red Letter Edition (I collect large print King James Bibles.)

"Pamela" a novel by Jonathan Swift

"The Lost: A Search For Six Of Six Million" a memoir by Daniel Mendelsohn

"Year of Wonders" A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks

"People of the Book" a novel by Geraldine Brooks

"An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir Of Moods And Madness" by Kay Redfield Jamison

"The Magnificent Medills: America's Royal Family of Journalism During a Century of Turbulent Splendor" biography by Megan McKinney

"[9] I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators:
[10] Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world.
[11] But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.
[12] For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?
[13] But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person." 1 Corinth. 5:9-13
31st-Mar-2017 02:38 am (UTC)
What an odd coincidence. "An Unquiet Mind" was the urgently recommended book by an outpatient psychiatrist I had been seeing. I think his having met the author was his principle reason for always recommending it, but I feel obligated now to check into it. You'll have to let me know if you find anything interesting in the book.
31st-Mar-2017 12:07 pm (UTC) - unquiet mind
I did not know you had manic-depressive illness. I always thought you were just super depressed because for many years you have lived a very active social life. In your diary in LJ you have present a man who is social, artistic and out going. I know you have written about being depressed but not being manic-depressive. From your diary you come across as just a normal older depressive fellow. I have not read the book but I collect Kay Refield Jamison's writings-peace
31st-Mar-2017 09:14 pm (UTC) - Re: unquiet mind
I'm not sold on the diagnosis either. Both the psychiatrist in the ward and the follow up psychiatrist have been trying to make the case that I am somehow borderline bipolar (aka manic-depressive), but I've tried to explain that the incident that put me into the psych ward was a bad reaction between sleeping pills and alcohol which triggered some kind of unexpected psychotic break. I'm going to have to hunt down "Unquiet Mind" at some point if only to satisfy my own curiosity. Cheers.
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