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whose hearts He had internally illuminated by His Word and Spirit

It is in the flow of being alive during the last days of mankind 2:45 PM Tuesday afternoon. It is gray outside as I write these words.

It has been a normal day for me thus far. I basically have written in my diary and read my books. Not much else going on in my world right now. I already put away my paper diary for day since for me the day is over. Now I wait for night to come and then another day. Existence keeps speeding by! Time waits for no man.

Carol works tonight so I will be by myself tonight. Last night I basically read "The Nix" a novel by Nathan Hill till late into the night. I have been reading "The Nix" all afternoon also. I finally read enough and now I am writing in my online diaries.

Last night and this morning I made videos for my BookTube channel. I downloaded the videos this morning.

I suppose there not much else to report right now.

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