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Sunday Reads

I made a video this morning for my BookTube channel and in that video I mentioned the books listed below-

"The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" Volume 1 by Theodorus VanderGroe

"Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost" by Craig S. Keener

"Scripture As Real Presence: Sacramental Exegesis in the Early Church" by Hans Boersma

"History and Spirit: The Understanding Of Scripture According To Origen" by Henri De Lubac Translated by Anne Englund Nash

"Biblical Interpretation Past & Present" by Gerald Bray

"Historical Handbook Of Major Biblical Interpreters" Editor Donald K. McKim

"Writers on Writings: Collected Essays from The New York Times" Introduction by John Darnton

"Satan And The Problem Of Evil: Constructing A Trinitarian Warfare Theodicy" by Gregory A. Boyd

"God At War: The Bible & Spiritual Conflict" by Gregory A. Boyd

"The Crucifixion of the Warrior God: Volumes 1 & 2" by Gregory A. Boyd (forthcoming)

"In Dominico Eloguio In Lordly Eloquence: Essays on Patristic Exegesis In Honor Of Robert Louis Wilken" Edited by Paul M. Blowers, Angela Russell Christman, David G. Hunter & Robin Darling Young (in this volume I want to read an essay by Brian E. Daley titled, 'Training for "the Good Ascent": Gregory of Nyssa's Homily on the Sixth Psalm'.)

"Light On The Mountain: Greek Patristic and Byzantine Homilies on the Transfiguration of the Lord" Translated By Brian E. Daley, S.J.

"The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson" a novel by Jerome Charyn

"Man's Better Angels: Romantic Reformers and the Coming of the Civil War" by Philip F. Gura

"Robert Lowell Setting The River On Fire: A Study Of Genius, Mania, And Character" by Kay Redfield Jamison

"The Best Minds Of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats" by Allen Ginsberg Edited by Bill Morgan

"The Nix" a novel by Nathan Hill

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