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an ecstatic experience of God's overpowering light

It is in the death flow 9:05 AM Saturday morning. Outside this morning it is wet and cold. It is going to snow today and then rain. The weather these days makes me sick inside.

This morning I once again drive down to our local library and volunteer at their used books store from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. I am not sure what I will take with me to read while I am volunteering at the used books store. I have next to me a novel I got in the mail yesterday titled, "Meyer" a novel by Stephen Dixon. Here is a description of this novel that I got off the internet this morning-

"In his 27th work of fiction, Guggenheim fellow, National Book Award finalist and Pushcart Prize–winner Dixon explores an affliction that neither he nor his protagonist would seem to know much about: writer's block. Meyer Ostrower is an aging, accomplished fiction writer living in Baltimore who one day finds himself at a loss for words. As he rummages through his past looking for material, the factual events of his existence morph into fiction. The novel is a set of themes and variations on major episodes of Meyer's life, many of them imagined: there is his death, his wife's death, his sister's death, his mother and father's deaths, all in various incarnations, side by side with childhood memories and sexual fantasies. He catalogues a lifetime of injuries (ranging from a stickball scar to a small white mark where his typewriter's line space lever went into his upper eyelid), worries in typical neurotic fashion about his arthritis and his heart, and reflects on the dwindling number of letters in his mailbox. Although writing about writer's block risks relying on a tired conceit, Dixon not only pulls it off, but puts together a series of quirky and powerful vignettes about aging." - Publishers Weekly

I am still plowing through Dixon's novel "Frog" and finding it a enjoyable read.

Yesterday and this morning I have been reading with spiritual delight a book titled, "Light On The Mountain: Greek Patristic and Byzantine Homilies on the Transfiguration of the Lord" Translated By Brian E. Daley, S.J..

So Time keeps zooming by. I once again did not sleep soundly last night. Well I suppose I will close to face what comes next. There is no way of escape. I am trapped.

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