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It is 11:47 AM late Wednesday morning here by Lake Michigan. Outside it is cold and partly sunny. According to the weather reports it is going to snow this afternoon.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I got up remembering I had a dream where I was back at my old job processing eggs. I can't believe I worked in a Egg Processing Hole for almost 15 years! That job literally broke me. I am a broken man due to that horrible job that I suffered under all those pain racked years. I am thankful that for the last 10 years I have been able to stay home and continue the process of healing. I am still a sick man, but the Holy Spirit is slowly restoring me to eternal health. I am healed in Jesus by faith.

So I got up this morning and made myself a bowl of oatmeal and drank coffee made last night. I ate my oatmeal while messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and read for awhile from a book titled, "Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost" by Craig S. Keener. After reading Keener for awhile I decided to read for awhile from another book titled, "Canonical Theology: The Biblical Canon, Sola Scriptura, and Theological Method" by John C. Peckham.

My wife got home from work around 8:55 AM. She went to bed around 9:30 AM. I left the house around 10:30 AM to visit local thrift stores in search of used books to ADD to our library. I found only one book this morning worth buying titled, "Salinger" Oral Biography by David Shields & Shane Salerno.

So the day has gone by. In a few minutes we will be in the Noontime hours. Existence keeps speeding by!

Last night I made a video for my BookTube channel and read late into the night from a book titled, "The Best Minds Of My Generation: A Literary History of the Beats" by Allen Ginsberg Edited by Bill Morgan.

I have no plans for the afternoon hours. I think I will sit in the living room easy chair and doze till the mail is delivered. I will close to look at a book titled, "Beats At Naropa: An Anthology" Edited by Anne Waldman & Laura Wright.

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