Get To Know Ya Book Tag

Get To Know Ya Book Tag

1)What's your favourite book? My favorite book besides the Bible is "The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross"/I really do not have a favorite book but I do believe books on prayer/contemplation are some of my favorite books.

I do have a favorite old 17th century English Puritan work that is one of my favorites titled, "Looking Unto Jesus: A View Of The Everlasting Gospel; Or, The Soul's Eyeing Of Jesus, As Carrying On The Great Work of Man's Salvation, From First To Last" by Isaac Ambrose

2) What was your favourite book 5 years ago? a biography titled "George F. Kennan: An American Life" biography by John Lewis Gaddis

3) Favourite duology/trilogy/series? I do not read trilogies. I mainly read books that are self-contained. But if I was to suggest a trilogy it would be the The Leatherstocking Tales series by James Fenimore Cooper

4) What was the last book you read? "Frog" by Stephen Dixon one of the last books I finished reading was a novel titled, "Stone Arabia" by Dana Spiotta

5) What was the last book of poetry you read? "The Collected Poems of Robert Lowell"

6) What book most influenced your life? Besides the Bible it would not be just one book but a couple-
"The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross"
"The Cloud of Unknowing"
"Carthusian Spirituality"

Now I should mention that the 17th century English Puritans have played an important part in my Christian life and the book that got me into the Puritans was a book I bought over 40 years ago now titled, "The Christian in Complete Armour" by William Gurnall.

I should also mention a book that greatly made me aware of biblical spirituality titled, "Cruciformity: Paul's Narrative Spirituality of the Cross" by Michael J. Gorman.

7) Book that made you ugly cry? I can not think of any novel that made me sob uncontrollably.

8) Book that made you laugh? "The Mighty Walzer" a novel by Howard Jacobson

9) Character you'd like to be for the day? I could not think of any character in a novel I would like to be for the day.

10) A book that was so good you dreamt about it? I can not think of the last book I had a dream about. Now I did have a dream about marijuana while I was reading from a book titled, "Bop Apocalypse: Jazz, Race, the Beats, & Drugs" by Martin Torgoff

11) Book you did not finish? I do not finish reading most of the books I start to read. I read a book till I am tired of reading it. I do finish some books I pick up to read, but not many. I mainly read nonfiction so it is not that important for me to finish the book. Sometimes I come across a novel that grabs me and I will read it to the end or at least a large portion of it.

12) What book are you most excited to read? I do not have any book right now that I am excited to read. Now there are books I like to finish reading or maybe someday get into. For example I like to get into the writings of Stephen Dixon. I recently bought three novels by Dixon "I.", "Frog", and "His Wife Leaves Him".

Interview with Stephen Dixon
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