the chosen people only knew one thing: that they were marching to the Promised Land

It is 12:26 PM Monday afternoon the flow. Outside this afternoon it is gray and warm. It feels like it might rain this afternoon.

I had a typical morning writing in my paper diary and reading my books. I did make a video this morning for my BookTube channel. Not much else to report. I am tired as usual. I should go for a walk someplace.

I have been reading this afternoon from a book titled, "The Hermitage Within" by A Monk (author unknown). This morning this book came to my mind after making a video. It took me close to two hours this morning to find this book! Sometimes I drive myself crazy! I often read the book "The Hermitage Within" when I want to just sit and meditate.

Last night I basically read till bedtime from a book titled, Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost" by Craig S. Keener.

My wife is off from work the next two nights. Tomorrow she drives to South Haven to meet up with old girlfriends to eat and talk/catch up.

There is not much else to report this afternoon. Existence keeps zooming by.
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