holy and heavenly operations

It is now in the death flow 11 o'clock AM late Tuesday morning. Since I am still awake I thought I would share with you ALL something I read yesterday that I found to be interesting. I want to quote from a book I mentioned yesterday in my diary titled, "The Path Of True Godliness" by Willem Teellinck [Translated By Annemie Godbehere Edited By Joel R. Beeke] Classics of Reformed Spirituality.

"Holy and Heavenly Operations

The Holy Spirit, who is Lord of our hearts, has taken it upon himself to keep our hearts and minds in the peace of Christ, which passes all understanding (Phil. 4:7). With his powerful grace, he evokes holy, sweet, and lovely thoughts in the hearts of his children on every possible occasion, sometimes without preceding inclinations on our part. The Holy Spirit knows how to create light out of darkness, which is far greater than creating thousands of opportunities for good thoughts. Triggered by our natural depravity and the evil that flows from it, he stirs our hearts to humbly, and with deep sighs, as the Lord for help. This, in turn, greatly annoys the devil, who then intensifies various temptations and accusations against God's children. This stirs their hearts once more to humbly and urgently cry out to God for help against wrong motives prompted by the natural depravity remaining in their hearts.

The Holy Spirit uses these occasions to bring God's children to more fervently forsake the world and live with the Lord. Through his holy, powerful grace, he stirs up good and holy thoughts. However, there are three specific ways in which God's Spirit stimulates holy, spiritual, and Christian activities:

1. He shows us the power of Christ's death. Because of the relationship we have with Christ, the Spirit helps us experience the power of Christ's death. That mortifies our earthly lusts (Phil.3:10; 1 Peter 4:1) and breaks the power of the evil operations and temptations of Satan.

The death of Christ benefits us by paying for our sins (for which we deserved death), but it also is effective in putting to death the old man (Rom. 8:13) in us and in all who have their lot in Christ. Because Christ our Lord, the second Adam, died, our old man died in him, just as our first innocent nature died with Adam (see Romans 5; 6:2-4). In fellowship with Christ the Lord and from the death of the crucified one, true believers receive the power to increasingly put to death the old man and his deeds. That strengthens them in many ways against the evil temptations of Satan.
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