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the fall of Richard Nixon

It is in the death flow 3:12 PM Monday afternoon. I am fighting to stay awake right now because I took a chill pill this morning. These chill pills make me very sleepy throughout the day. Lately at night before going to bed I have been tempted to take a chill pill to see how deeply I would sleep.

I am going to start to list the used books I found today when I left the house to to visit thrift stores and buy groceries. I will start writing down the titles and when I find myself falling asleep I will stop and try later till all the used books have been written down in a list. So here it goes-

"The Rector's Daughter" a novel by F.M. Mayor

"Child Of God" a novel by Cromac McCarthy

"Laughable Loves" stories by Milan Kundera Introduction by Philip Roth

"Purity" a novel by Jonathan Franzen

"The Human Factor" a novel by Graham Greene

"Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore" a novel by Robin Sloan

"Arc d'X" a novel by Steve Erickson

"The Man With The Golden Arm" a novel by Nelson Algren

"War Cries Over Avenue C" a novel by Jerome Charyn

"Frog" a novel by Stephen Dixon

"Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?" Stories by Raymond Carver

"No Heroics, Please" Uncollected Writings by Raymond Carver

"Coming Up For Air" a novel by George Orwell

"Journey To The End Of The Night" a novel by Celine [A New Translation by Ralph Manheim]

"The Coast: A Journey Down The Atlantic Shore" Nature Writing/Memoir by Joseph J. Thorndike

"Funeral Games" a novel by Mary Renault

"Kaputt" a novel by Curzio Malaparte [Translated By Cesare Foligno]

"The Wild Girl, The Notebook Of Ned Giles, 1932" a novel by Jim Fergus

"The Oxford Companion To The Supreme Court Of The United States" Edited By Kermit L. Hall

"Breach of Faith: The Fall Of Richard Nixon" by Theodore H. White

"The Price Of Power: Kissinger In The Nixon White House" American Politics by Seymour M. Hersh

"King's Philip's War: The History and Legacy of America's Forgotten Conflict" by Eric B. Schultz & Michael J. Tougias

"God, Adam, And You: Biblical Creation Defended and Applied" Edited By Richard D. Phillips

"Worship as Pastoral Care" by William H. Willimon

"I Believe in the Church" by David Watson

"The Triune God" Edited By Ronald L. Kohl

I made it! I did not pass out. While I was writing out the titles of the used books I bought today my wife called.

I am going to close to feel wasted. I am sick tired.

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