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The American Adam

It is in the Death Flow 8:47 AM Sunday morning here in West Michigan. The sun is shining this morning, even though it is cold.

I am feeling old and bloated this morning. I feel like a beached whale waiting to be eaten by seagulls.

I got up this morning around 6:18 AM. I got up wondering if I wanted to get dressed and go downtown at the Windmill for breakfast. I decided not to leave my cell this morning. There is food here inside my cell for me to eat. So I made a pot of coffee and ate a bowl of cereal. I messed with our main computer and I then wrote in my paper diary. So has gone by existence. We are coming to the of February 2017.

All I have attempted to read this morning is some more of a biography on Hunter S. Thompson titled, "Hunter: The Strange And Savage Life Of Hunter S. Thompson" by E. Jean Carroll. I should read something religious since it is a Sunday. But right now I feel wasted and sleepy. I should go for a walk out in the wood since the sun is shining this morning. I should take Rudy our old dog for a walk someplace this morning. Why sit here feeling overweight and drained.

Well there is not much else to report this morning. I made a video last night for my BookTube channel and read "Hunter: The Strange And Savage Life Of Hunter S. Thompson" by E. Jean Carroll.

I will close to feel out of it. Maybe I will take a chill pill and just sit in the living room waiting for the Angel of Death to fly by.

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