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Friday Reads & A Used Books Haul

Friday Reads & A Used Books Haul-one can find a list of the books mentioned in this video below-

"The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" Volume 1 by Theodorus VanderGroe

"Kingdom of Fear: Loathsome Secrets of a Star-Crossed Child in the Final Days of the American Century" memoir by Hunter S. Thompson

"The Proud Highway Saga Of A Desperate Southern Gentleman 1955-1967" THE FEAR AND LOATHING LETTERS, VOLUME ONE by Hunter S. Thompson

"Hunter: The Strange And Savage Life Of Hunter S. Thompson" biography by E. Jean Carroll

"Stories I Tell Myself: Growing Up with Hunter S. Thompson" memoir by Juan F. Thompson

"The Culture Of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations" by Christopher Lasch

"A Scream Goes Through The House: What Literature Teaches Us About Life" by Arnold Weinstein

"The Year Of Reading Dangerously: How Fifty Great Books (And Two Not-So-Great Ones) Saved My Life" by Andy Miller

"The Borgias" by Ivan Cloulas Translated By Gilda Roberts

"The Mystery Of Capitalism: Why Capitalism Triumphs In The West And Fails Everywhere Else" by Hernando De Soto

"Grimm's Fairy Tales" by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm [Barnes & Noble Classics]

"The Bookseller Of Kabul" memoir by Asne Seierstad Translated by Ingrid Christophersen

"Candide" fiction by Voltaire

"Alice in Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass" by Lewis Carroll Illustrated By John Tenniel

"Ancient Light" a novel by John Banville

"Joseph Conrad" A Biography by Jeffrey Meyers

"The Year Without Summer: 1816 And The Volcano That Darkened The World And Changed History" by William K. Klingaman & Nicholas P. Klingaman

"The Spanish Ulcer: A History of the Peninsular War" by David Gates

"A History Of Britain: The Wars Of The British 1603-1776" Volume II by Simon Schama

"The Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution" by Alan Taylor

"Voyagers to the West: A Passage In The Peopling Of America On The Eve Of The Revolution" by Bernard Bailyn

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