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The This & That & That Book Tag!

This or That or That Book Tag
1. Hardcover or Paperback or Ebook?
2. American or British or Translated/World Literature?
3. Library or Bookstore or Online?
4. Series or Trilogy or Standalone?
5. Science Fiction or Fantasy or Horror?
6. Ginsberg or Kerouac or Burroughs?
7. New or Used?
8. Whitman or Frost?
9. Emerson or Thoreau?
10. Gale or Peeta? (Josh was the only one to answer this one and he initially chose Gale, but as an end result would choose neither)
11. Craft Book or Cookbook?
12. Magic Tricks or Science Experiments?
13. Coffee or Tea?
14. Dogs or Cats?
15. Hamburgers or Hot Dogs? (Ari's Question)

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