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glorious salvation

207 C.M. Isaac Watts
Glorious Salvation. Ps. 19. 1, 2; 1 Thess. 5. 9, 10
1 Father, how wide thy glory shines!
How high thy wonders rise!
Known through the earth by thousand signs,
By thousands through the skies!

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power;
Their motion speaks thy skill;
And on the wings of every hour,
We read thy patience still.

3 But when we view thy strange design
To save rebellious worms,
Where vengeance and compassion join,
In their divinest forms.

4 Here the whole Deity is known,
Nor dares a creature guess
Which of the glories brightest shone –
The justice or the grace.

5 When sinners broke the Father’s laws,
The dying Son atones;
O the dear mysteries of his cross,
The triumph of his groans!

6 Now the full glories of the Lamb
Adorn the heavenly plains;
Sweet cherubs learn Immanuel’s name,
And try their choicest strains.

7 O may I bear some glorious part
In that immortal song!
Wonder and joy shall tune my heart,
And love command my tongue.

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