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It is in the flow of existence 2:54 PM Saturday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is kind of scary knowing Trump's Secret Police know where we live. I am expecting a whole scale slaughter of Americans who are opposing Trump's Presidency. I expect any day a Russian invasion and a armed take over of the White House by Trump's Secret Army and the Russian military. Right now there are Russians submarine's off the East Coast armed with missiles pointed at the White House. Some believe the Russians are blackmailing Trump. The Russians are controlling Trump and want him to let them take over America or be left alone to take over the free world. The Bear has come awaken as predicted in the Bible/the OT Prophets.

Trump has already shut down the News Media and is spreading his falsehoods/lies. Sad to know millions of Americans are eating up Trump's attacks against the News Media. Soon Trump will only have Fox News as his channel of lies/false information. American is being fed to the dogs. We are being set up for a dictatorship headed by the Right Wing Republican party leaders who have bowed their knees to Donald Trump and the Russians. Trump is an embodiment of a Anti-Christ.

I have had a normal day for a Saturday. I volunteered at the library used bookstore the Book Nook from 10 AM till 1 PM. I left early so as to unload my van of the used books I purged from our library to donate to the library used books store. I plan to go through our books next week and get rid of some more used books.

The Book Nook was slow so I mainly wandered the store and read from a book titled, "The Last Innocent White Man in America and other writings" by John Leonard. I brought home from the Book Nook these used books to add to our library-

"William Blake: The Complete Poems" Penguin Classics

"Florence and the Renaissance" by Alain J. Lemattre & Erich Lessing

While at the Book Nook my friend Tim stopped by. We talked and after the Book Nook we went to Goodwill and a grocery store. Tim needed some food items and so did I. At the Goodwill thrift store I found only one used paperback to add to our library (which will soon be destroyed by Russian missiles) "Timbuktu" a novel by Paul Auster.

After grocery shopping I drove Tim to his place and came home to face the last days of the America. In the mail I received a book I had ordered titled, "Reading For My Life: Writings. 1958-2008" by John Leonard.

There is not much else to report. I am going to close to wait to be shot by Trump's Secret Police for being a lover of Truth and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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