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Cheapstacks Used Books

It is 2:14 PM Thursday afternoon here by Lake Michigan. It has been a cold gray day, but no snow or rain thus far.

This morning I decided to leave the house and visit a library used books store in Grand Haven called Cheapstacks Used Books located inside the Loutit District Library building lower level. I bought these used books this morning from Cheapstacks for our library-

"What AM I Doing Here" occasional writings by Bruce Chatwin

"The Twenty-Seventh City" a novel by Jonathan Franzen

"England under the Stuarts" History Of England Volume V by G.M. Trevelyan O.M.

"The Wooden Sea" a novel by Jonathan Carroll

"Archbald MacLeish: An American Life" biography by Scott Donaldson

"Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style" biography by Ian Kelly

"The True Adventures Of John Steinbeck, Writer" A Biography by Jackson J. Benson

"To The Sargasso Sea" a novel by William McPherson

"Explaining America: The Federalist" American History by Garry Wills

"The Death Of My Brother Abel" a novel by Gregor Von Rezzori Translated By Joachim Neugroschel

"John James Aububon: A Biography" by Alice Ford

"The White Hotel" a novel by D.M. Thomas

"Out Of The Century: Confessions of an Art Addict" memoir by Peggy Guggenheim Foreword by Gore Vidal

"George Santayana: A Biography" by John McCormick

"William Cullen Bryant: Author of America" biography by Gilbert H. Muller

"The Whole Woman" Woman Studies by Germaine Greer

"The City of Florence: Historical Vistas & Personal Sightings" by R.W.B. Lewis

"Every Man A Speculator: A History Of Wall Street in American Life" by Steven Fraser

After visiting Cheapstacks I headed back to Holland. Before getting to Holland I stopped at the Rosy Mound Natural Area and took a brisk walk. It was very cold by Lake Michigan so I walked to a place I could see the Lake and took some photos and headed back to the car. It was too cold to walk all over the Natural Area plus everything was brown with winter decay.

So this has been my day. I am extremely wasted this afternoon. I did get a phone call from Carol around 9:31 PM last night telling me baby Jack Stewart had been born and was doing fine. Bethany also was doing fine. So all went well with Jack being born into this world of woe. It is sad to think America will soon be attacked from North Korea and Russia. Blood will soon be running in the streets. North Korea will knock out San Francisco and Russia will knock out New York City. Chaos will reign and Trump will surrender America to the Russians. Millions of Americans will die especially those who voted for Trump. It is all very sad. I am sure Trump and his family will sell to the Russians America and set up a palace in Russia.

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