Not A BookTube Newbie Tag

Not A BookTube Newbie Tag

1. How old is your channel? I made my first BookTube video in September 2015 so I have been making BookTube videos going on almost two years.

2. What are your favorite videos to make? My favorite videos to make are when I am just being myself as a book worm. I like just being real and sharing my love for collecting books.

3. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone wanting to join booktube? The one piece adivce I would give in joining Booktube is make videos and don't stop. It really bothers me that I really get into a certain BookTuber and then puff their gone! So if you start making BookTube videos please don't stop.

4. Since joining have you run into any unforeseen challenges? I have not come across any uforeseen challenges in making BookTube videos. Maybe sometimes I feel insecure about what I am setting forth in my videos like book reviews or personal views. But my life motto has always been "Be real and let the shit fly!"

5. What is a favorite book/series you’ve read because of booktube? I have discovered many new books through watching BookTube especially watching Steve Donoghue.'s channel.

6. Overall, what is your favorite aspect about booktube? My favorite aspect about BookTube is one someone gives an intelligent summary of a book. I also like BookTube videos when the individual just shares something personal about their life. I do not think every video in BookTube has to be only about what the individual is reading at the present moment. I like videos where I sense I am experiencing a real person.

7. Want to spread the booktube love? (Yes? GREAT!) Give at least one newbie a shout out! I like to give a shout out to Molly De Montaigne's BookTube channel. I just find this young lady wonderful. All her videos make me feel good inside.

I also like to give a shoutout to Katie at ReadorRot I find this young woman's BookTube's video's thought provoking so please check her out.
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