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Torah & Gospel

Torah & Gospel

A list of the books mentioned in this video-

"Sinai And The Saints: Reading Old Covenant Laws For The New Covenant Community" by James M. Todd III

"The Law & Its Fulfillment: A Pauline Theology of Law" by Thomas R. Schreiner

"The End Of The Law: Mosaic Covenant In Pauline Theology" by Jason C. Meyer

"A Treatise On The Law And The Gospel" by John Colquhoun (1748-1827)

"The Law Is Not Of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant" Edited by Bryan D. Estelle, J.V. Fesko, & David VanDrunen

"The Law and the Gospel" by Ernest C. Reisinger

"The Law And The New Testament: The Question of Continuity" by Frank Thielman

"Paul & The Law: A Contextual Approach" by Frank Thielman

"Paul, The Law, And Justification" by Colin G. Kruse

"Law, The Gospel, And The Modern Christian: Five Views" Greg L. Bahnsen, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., Douglas J. Moo, Wayne G. Strickland, & Willem A. Vangemeren

"Paul And The Mosaic Law" Editor James D. G. Dunn

"Jesus' Attitude towards the Law: A Study Of The Gospels" by William Loader

"Paul, Moses, And The History Of Israel" by Scott J. Hafemann

"Law In Paul's Thought" by Hans Hubner

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