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The Monastic Diurnal

A list of the books mentioned in this video

"Godly Prayer And Its Answers" by John Brown of Wamphray

"The Private Devotions Of Lancelot Andrews" Translated By John Henry Newman & John Mason Neale & Edited By William S. Peterson

"Lancelot Andrews and his Private Devotions" Translator Alexander Whyte

"The Monastic Diurnal Or Day Hours Of The Monastic Breviary According To The Holy Rule Of Saint Benedict"

"The Valley Of Vision: A Collection Of Puritan Prayers & Devotions" published by Banner of Truth Trust

"John Aubrey, My Own Life" biography by Ruth Scurr

"Aubrey's Brief Lives" Edited By Oliver Lawson Dick

"John Saturnall's Feast" a novel by Lawrence Norfolk

"American Philosophy: A Love Story" memoir by John Kaag

"Winter Brothers: A Season at the Edge of America" biography by Ivan Doig

"Heart of the Land: Essays On Last Great Places" Edited by Joseph Barbato & Lisa Weinerman of The Nature Conservancy Foreword By Barry Lopez

"The Sellout" a novel by Paul Beatty

"Tango: The Art History Of Love" nonfiction by Robert Farris Thompson

"The Mute Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Italy" by Paul MacKendrick

"Israel, Palestine and Peace" Essays by Amos Oz

"The Year of Three Kings 1483" British History by Giles St. Aubyn

"The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History Of The Legendary Fighting Force" by Douglas Porch

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