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remember we outstrip the night

It is 11:51 AM Tuesday morning here by Lake Michigan. It is a cold foggy rainy winter day. A day to pray for a world wide revival. We need a global outpouring of the Holy Ghost to revive the radical Left.

I just got back from putting gasoline in my old Dodge van. This year my van will be 27 years old. I bought this van when our kids were in Elementary School. Now our kids are in their 30's and married. Next month our youngest our daughter Bethany will give birth to their third child (our fourth grandchild). Life keeps zooming by!

After filling up my van with gas I visited local thrift stores in search of used books to add to our library-I found these used books this morning-

"Winter Brothers: A Season at the Edge of America" memoir by Ivan Doig

"The Sellout" a novel by Paul Beatty

"The Mute Stones Speak: The Story of Archaeology in Italy" by Paul MacKendrick

"Heart of the Land: Essays On Last Great Places" Edited by Joseph Barbato and Lisa Weinerman of The Nature Conservancy Foreword By Barry Lopez

"Israel, Palestine and Peace" Essays by Amos Oz

"Tango: The Art History of Love" nonfiction by Robert Farris Thompson

"The French Foreign Legion: A Complete History of The Legendary Fighting Force" by Douglas Porch

"The Year of Three Kings 1483" English History by Giles St. Aubyn

After visiting local thrifts stores I came home to put wood on the fire.

I got up this morning around 5:55 AM. I got up because I was having a weird dream about being in some war in Southeast Asia. So I got up drank coffee made last night and messed with our main computer.

The morning went by and now it is 12:05 PM Noontime. Not much else to report from the front lines. Last night I made a video for my BookTube channel and read from a novel titled, "John Saturnall's Feast" by Lawrence Norfolk. This morning for morning worship I read from these two books-

"Godly Prayer And Its Answers" by John Brown of Wamphray

"Private Devotions" by Lancelot Andrews

Carol got home from work around 8:45 AM and is sleeping now because she goes back to work tonight. Well I will close to write in my paper diary and eat lunch. It will soon be over.

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