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Edith Forne lies in her tomb there dreaming of magpies

It is in the flow of divine providence 3:46 PM late Saturday afternoon. For me the day has come to a close. I usually close shop around 3 o'clock PM and wait for darkness to fall. As I type these words I can feel myself falling asleep. It is time to cash in my poker chips.

I got up this morning around 6:11 AM. I woke up from a dream where I was doing the tango. When I got up I found my wife in the living room looking through a newspaper. I made a pot of oatmeal for breakfast and ate my oatmeal messing with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and then made a video for my BookTube channel.

This morning I left our house to volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library Used Books Store from 10 o'clock AM till 1 o'clock PM. While at the Book Nook I read from these two books-

"Aubrey's Brief Lives" Edited By Oliver Lawson Dick

"John Aubrey, My Own Life" biography by Ruth Scurr

I brought home from the library Used Books Store two used books to ADD to our library-

"The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey" nonfiction by Rinker Buck

"The Fireman" a novel by Joe Hill

When I got home from the library I ate lunch and wrote in my paper diary. This afternoon I read "A Really Good Day: How Micordosing Made a Mega Difference in My Mood, My Marriage, and My Life" memoir by Ayelet Waldman.

Well I suppose I will close to watch professional football. Existence keeps flowing by!

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