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the world's end was the Ragnarok

It is in the death flow 8:44 AM Sunday morning here in West Michigan. I do not know what Time it is on the other side of the cosmos. Does time exist in the age to come? I do know I have received eternal life and not eternal death.

I got up around 5:25 AM this morning. Because I got up so early I have been fighting to stay awake. My wife has been getting up around 3 o'clock AM in the morning lately so when I got up this morning I found her having her devotions. It is a blessing being married to a Christian woman. So I got up due to having weird dreams about pretending to be a pool shark in some small farm town. I made for breakfast this morning a pot of oatmeal. After eating my oatmeal I messed with our main computer and talked to my wife about biblical spirituality in contrast to theological spirituality.

I dozed for awhile and then my wife decided to go downtown for a walk and get some more Sunday newspapers. Our oldest son and his family are coming over for supper this afternoon from Grand Rapids.

Last night my wife and I watched some professional football and went to bed early.

Yesterday I can not remember much about. Carol slept all afternoon yesterday. I do not remember what I did yesterday. My mind is stuffed right now and I can not get any more stuff into it. My brain is tired and needs a rest.

I can not think of anything else to report so I will close to feel wasted.

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