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dropping like flies

It is in the death flow 1:43 PM Wednesday afternoon. I have been reading my books and wandering the house. I want to write but there is nothing to write these days. I have noticed that my online diary entries have been getting more and more short. Have I lost the ability to describe my day to day existence. In some ways there is really nothing to write about as my life going its merry way. I just write what I do each day in my online diaries which is not much. I live a simple life. I am seeking to live as close as I can to the Now.

I do not remember what happened last year. I know that the year 2016 existed, but it is all blurry. I have some notes written down in my 2016 Diary on what I did, but it was not much. It is scary knowing my days are getting close to ending. I have live thus far 64 years. Men my age are dropping like flies every day. I am constantly asking myself if I am prepared to go through the death process. It is scary thinking I will go through death. I know as a Christian death leads to Eternal Rest or fellowship with the Lord without the body flesh. Still death is still unknown. Death is always there in front of me reminding me to be ready prepared. I will be judged by God who is All knowing and All holy. What will it be like to stand before that blazing holiness after I go through the death channel? It makes me feel sick inside. So now is the time to get ready for the death experience. How does one prepare to die in peace and full assurance of salvation?

So this cold winter storm day slowly crawls toward night time. In the mail this afternoon I received a book I had ordered last year titled, “Simone De Beauvoir: A Biography” by Deidre Bair.

I have been reading this afternoon from a book titled, “Partisans: Marriage, Politics, And Betrayal Among The New York Intellectuals” by David Laskin.

Well I suppose I will close to listen to the bitter cold winds of Winter howl over my grave.

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