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He cannot permit evil to go unpunished

It is in the death flow 11:43 AM Sunday morning. It is now the Year 2017 in the Plan of God. What will God do this year in the creation.

I just got back from walking in the woods at Van Raalte Farm country park. The sun is shining today and it is dry. It is suppose to rain tomorrow. At least it is not snowing.

There is not much else to report this morning. Last night I made videos and read the novel "Mislaid" by Nell Zink to the end. I went to bed around 11:10 PM. Now it is 11:46 AM Sunday morning.

I got up this morning around 6:15 AM. I made myself a pot of coffee and messed with our main computer. After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary. I read a little of volume 1 of the book, "The Christian's Only Comfort In Life And Death: An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism" by Theodorus VanderGroe. After reading some Dutch Puritan Theology I decided to make myself some oatmeal for breakfast. After I finished my oatmeal Carol arrived home from work. She worked 14 hours this shift. She went to bed extremely tired around 9:30 AM.

I might watch some professional football today. Yesterday I did not watch college football because we have basic cable and all the games were on TV stations we do not have the ability to watch.

I suppose I will close to drift.

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