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the road appears to be abandoned

It is now in the process of cosmic decay 3:11 PM Thursday late afternoon. It is snowing outside at the present time. This coming Saturday we will be in a New Year the year 2017. Where did the Year 2016 go? It seems as I get older and older Time zooms by faster and faster. My days just zoom by. I am never at a standstill when it comes to life. I am always on a fast drift towards my death. I am glad God knows why I exist, because I have no clue. I just seek to stay in Christ Jesus as my life flies by.

I noticed I last wrote around 9 o'clock AM this morning. Carol and I took food out to a needy family that belongs to Carol's church. While out delivering food we got bird food oil sunflower seeds 50 lbs. and cracked corn 50 lbs. Near the Feed Store where we get food for our birds is a thrift store. Carol and I stopped at this thrift store and I found three used books-

"All the Names" a novel by Jose Saramag Translated from the Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa

"The Complete Poems 1927-1979" by poet Elizabeth Bishop

"Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919 A Dream of Harmony" biography by Peter H. Feist (a slim hardback with a selection of Renoir's paintings)

In the mail this afternoon I received a book I had ordered titled, "John Saturnall's Feast" a novel by Lawrence Norfolk.

This afternoon I have been fighting to keep my eyes open. Carol went to bed a couple of hours ago. I have been listening to Black metal music on my stereo headphones watching the snow fall. I did read some more of the novel "Mislaid" by Nell Zink this afternoon.

Well I suppose I have spilled all my jelly beans so I will close to feel like a wet rag stuck in an ice pond.

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