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a letter to Audrey an old diary entry May 14, 2001

After High School (1970) I can not remember what kind of music I was in? I went to a Jr.College and then the next year I went to a new Christian liberal arts college-maybe the year was 1972? I can not remember the year-in the 70's I did not pay attention to music-I was a new Christian and I mainly read the Bible and the only music I heard was music made by Jesus Freaks-(I never watched television or read newspapers either in those days)-in 1978 I left Calif. to go to Reformed Bible College-I think between 1973 and 1978 I recall listening to mainly to the radio-I had no money to buy records or cassette tapes-in those days before I was married my girlfriends were older women-women much older then me-maybe that is why I was not into music? I think the real reason is that I was off in my head-I was always listening to the music in me-I was lost in myself.

I remember buying a Bob Dylan record when I first got married-we bought a few records in the early days of my marriage-what money we had extra I bought books-money was always tight-my wife worked and I went to school-my wife did not like my spending habits-we had many arguments over my buying books-if I had been into music there would been more trouble. I recall listening to public radio in the late 70's classical music-bluegrass-new age music.

The 80's is a blank-I graduated from Reformed Bible College in 1981-mainly listened to the radio-we moved to Mississippi so I could attend Reformed Theological Seminary (1982-1986) it was while attending seminary I got into the music of Bruce Cockburn and Van Morrison-I mainly listened to Dylan, Van Morrison and Bruce Cockburn in seminary (while in seminary I did go hear Allen Ginsberg give a poetry reading at a local black college-I have pictures of Ginsberg and me together). Jackson Miss. had no good music stations or public radio stations. While a student in seminary I renewed my interest in the Beats-Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs. I was not into music-just Dylan,Morrison and Cockburn.

After seminary we moved to Houston Texas-it was while living in Houston I really got into music-we moved to Houston so I could do my internship-worked in a Presbyterian of America Church-well I did not work-I received no salary-the church could not pay me so I did the work free-in the PCA one can not get a job as a minister till one completes an internship or on the job experience.

In Houston there were several excellent radio stations-one of the stations was a community radio station-this station was ran by a group of hippie types-artist types-anyway the station played all kinds of music. One could listen to country music mainly music coming out of Austin Texas-there was a late night punk music show-a new age music show-I also listened to a station that came out of Rice University-college station music-so my music taste expanded while living in Houston-I bought music by Patti Smith, the Replacements, World Party, Sonic Youth, the Pixies, the House of Love, the Smithereens, Uncle Tupelo, Tom Waits, Peter Murphy, Iggy Pop, Husker Du and Janes Addiction. I bought everything I could by Husker Du and Tom Waits at that time. I also should mention a became a big fan of the group Buffalo Tom-the lead singer Bill Janovitz is a great song writer.

While living in Houston I saw Bob Dylan in concert and the Grateful Dead (I am not a Dead head).

After Texas we moved here to Mich.-over the years my musical taste have continued to expand-I am now into mainly shoe gazing music-getting into trance and underground hip-hop plan to buy a Jurassic 5 CD soon-today I plan to buy the new Joe Henry CD-last week I bought a CD by Placebo and a CD by Carl Craig-I have found the music magazine Magnet to have influenced me lately in what kind of music I will buy-I often go to our local Barnes&Noble bookstore and read music magazines-there is a lot of music out there! I hate commercial radio! I rarely listen to the music of my youth-I like to listen to modern music-now music-today music.

Well, I will close to rest-I am listening to right now Placebo "Black Market Music"-in God Jonny

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