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What I Read Throughout The Year 2016 cont.

April 2016
"The Good Apprentice" a novel by Iris Murdoch
"The Apostle Paul and the Christian Life: Ethical and Missional Implications of the New Perspective" Edited by Scot McKnight & Joseph B. Modica
"Introducing Biblical Hermentics: A Comprehensive Framework for Hearing God In Scripture" by Craig G. Bartholomew
"Iris Murdoch: A Life" biography by Peter J. Conradi
"Living on Paper: Letters From Iris Murdoch 1934-1995"
"The Presence of God Its Place In The Storyline Of Scripture And The Story Of Our Lives" by J. Ryan Lister
"Gloria" a novel by Keith Maillard
"Infinite Jest" a novel by David Foster Wallace
"At The Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails" biography Sara Bakewell
"Spain In Our Hearts: Americans In The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939" by Adam Hochschild
"Making All Things New: Inaugurated Eschatology for the Life of the Church" by Benjamin L. Gladd & Matthew S. Harmon
"Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?" a memoir by Jeanette Winterson
"Paris Vagabond" by Jean-Paul Clebert Translated from the French by Donald Nicholson
"Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul: A Narrative Approach To The Problem Of Pauline Christianity" by J.R. Daniel Kirk
"The Other Paris" by Luc Sante
"The Fourfold Gospel: A Theological Reading of the New Testament Portrait of Jesus" by Francis Watson
"Progressive Covenantalism Charting a Course Between Dispensational And Covenant Theologies" Editors Stephen J. Wellum & Brent E. Parker
"A Treatise On True Theology, With The Life of Franciscus Janius"
"Open City" a novel by Teju Cole

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