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faith empties the believer of self yet enables him to lay hold of Christ

It is in the ice snow flow 2:08 PM Sunday afternoon. Outside it is snowing and bitter cold. A good day for a giant log fire blazing in the middle of living room.

I am cold but that is normal in a dead world. Carol just went to bed for the day. I am eating a ham sandwich and watching professional football. I am thinking of turning off the TV and sitting in a easy chair and dream of being warm.

I was up this morning around 6:43 AM. Carol had gotten up around 3:20 AM this morning. She had gone to bed last night around 8:03 PM. When she went to bed I was reading Dutch Reformed theology. I went to bed around 11:05 PM.

There is not much else to report right now. After Carol left for church this morning I made a video for my BookTube channel.

Well I will close to feel at a lost in a frozen world.

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