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they see the glory of God internally

It is 7:58 PM Saturday night in the ice and snow flow. It has been snowing all day here by Lake Michigan. Where we live has become a wonder winter wasteland.

It has been a very long day for me. I have had no time to sit down and write in my online diaries. Now I have time because it is too early to go to bed. Carol is sleeping right now in the living room easy chair.

My day started around 6:45 AM when I got up to face existence in a dead sinful world. When I got up Carol was on the main computer and watching News on TV. Josie was still sleeping when I got up. I got myself a glass of ice water and sat waking up to my life before the end of this present evil age.

When Josie got up I made for us a big pot of oatmeal for breakfast. Josie did not want oatmeal for breakfast, she want yogurt and toast for breakfast. So we gave Josie yogurt and toast for breakfast.

This morning I volunteered once again at the Herrick District Public Library Used Books Store from 9:45 AM till 1:10 PM. When I got home from the library Caleb and Emily were here from GR. Josie was taking a nap so we talked to Caleb and Emily till Josie got up from her nap. When Josie Joy got up we had a big ham dinner to celebrate Christ Mass. We celebrated Christ Mass today because Caleb, Emily, and Josie will spent Christ Mass at Emily's family's place like they do every year. I do not celebrate Christ Mass even though I am eternally thankful for the incarnation of the Son of God the Messiah Jesus.

We opened Christ Mass presents and then Caleb, Emily, and Josie left for GR before the big snow storm was to hit us.

I have been basically been recovering from this day. I ate too much food and I have not slept soundly lately. I am a wreck. It was nice having Josie Joy for the night. We love our grandchildren and enjoy spending time with them when possible. We are here only for a very short time. I never knew my grandparents. I never knew my birth father. I never had a Grandpa and a Grandma to spoil me or pray for me.

I am too tired to list all the books I got today, maybe some other time. I need to close to wait to feel well physically and mentally. Spiritually I look to the Lord to save me perfectly.

Caleb, Emily, & Josie Joy
Caleb, Emily, & Josie Joy

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