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the Battle of Waterloo

It is 9:27 PM Friday night. I am alone tonight listening to the music of Bob Dylan. Carol went to bed a few minutes ago. She went to bed with her mouth piece. I left the bathroom to fix myself a ham sandwich. Now I am sitting here listening to the music of Bob Dylan THE REAL ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1966 CONCERT! CD.

Before Carol went to bed we watched television. My wife could not stay wake because she had been awake 17 hours. I have been awake since 6 o'clock AM. I have not felt sleepy today. I spent most the day alone. Carol left this morning around 11:35 AM and got home around 2:35 PM. When she got home I was sitting in silence in the dining room.

The last book I attempted to read this evening was titled, "The Pursuit Of Power: Europe 1815-1914" by Richard J. Evans.

I would go to bed but I am not tired. I will go to bed when I am tired. I usually go to bed around 11 o'clock PM. Right now it is only 9:37 PM. I am full of energy and ready to be wild and out of control. I am feeling like a young buck running through the woods of Northern California.

I am a dreamer. As an old man I find myself dreaming impossible love dreams as a face certain death.

This afternoon I read on Facebook that my friend's wife died at 1:12 PM Houston Texas time. Now my friend is a widow. His wife has gone to Heaven. The bonds of flesh have been torn apart. My friend will never taste the sweetness of his wife kisses ever again. He will soon place his wife lover in the ground to wait for the Final Resurrection. It is all so very sad.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and I once again volunteer at the local library used book store from 10 AM till 1 PM. My wife works tomorrow from 2 PM till 8 PM. I will be alone at home again.

It is now 9:44 PM and I will close to sit and wait for fire to burst forth from my groins.

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