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a work of Art

It is now in the Eternal Now 2:34 PM Tuesday afternoon. I got in the mail this afternoon some new books I had ordered from Amazon.

"The Pursuit Of Power: Europe 1815-1914" by Richard J. Evans

"Black Elk: The Life Of An American Visionary" biography by Joe Jackson

"Bear: The Life and Times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III" biography by Robert Greenfield

"The Journal 1837-1861" Henry David Thoreau Edited by Damion Searls

Not much else to report. When the books were delivered I was on our main computer watching BookTube videos. Around this time of day I feel flat. I have no spark this time of day. Outside it is still sunny. I suppose I will close to write in my diary and look at my new books.

I forgot to mention that I made a video with me opening the packages and box containing the new books I got in the mail today. I enjoy making videos of my life as book worm.




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