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a Transcendental idealist

It is in the Death Flow 8:54 PM Saturday night here by Lake Michigan. Another day has gone into the history books.

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of November 2016. Next Sunday we will be in the last month of the Year 2016 December.

I had a normal day. I did not do much. The day went by without any fanfare.

Today I basically watched college football all day. Michigan lost to Ohio which is too bad.

Alabama beat Auburn, which was nice. I am a Alabama fan, when it comes to college football.

Not much else to report. This evening I am sitting in the living room dreaming of my Youth and listening to music and reading off and on, "Jean Cocteau: A Life" biography by Claude Arnaud Translated by Lauren Elkin & Charlotte Mandell. I will close for the night.

Josie Joy

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