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the true value of time

It is in the flow of divine providence 9:45 PM Friday night. I should go to bed since it has been a very long day for this very old man. Carol has already gone to bed. I have been reading tonight from these two books-

"The Cambridge Companion To Henry David Thoreau" Edited by Joel Myerson

"The Simple Life: Plain Living And High Thinking In American Culture" by David Shi

I have been looking at these two books because a BookTuber I subscribe to in BookTube is seeking to set forth the philosophy of Henry David Thoreau as gleamed from Thoreau's book "Walden" in series of videos. I am a student of 19th century American Transcendentalism/the life and thought of Henry David Thoreau.

This afternoon we left Holland for Grand Rapids to have dinner with our oldest son Caleb and his family around 12:45 AM. We had a nice time with Caleb, his wife Emily and daughter Josie Joy. Emily's mother Vickie was also visiting them.

Carol and I got home around 6:35 PM from GR. We watched some college football and a taped TV show. Carol went to bed and I have been reading the above books and plan to go to bed soon. Tomorrow is a Saturday which means I once again volunteer at the Herrick District Public Library used books store from 10 AM till 1 PM. I will come home and watch college football/the Michigan & Ohio game.

I suppose I will close to get ready to face the coming darkness.

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