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ontological union with Christ

It is in the death flow 12:09 PM Wednesday afternoon. Here in West Michigan it is cold, rainy, and gray. A good day to slam your head against a wall.

I got up this morning around 6:35 AM. I had to have my old Dodge van at Maplewood Auto for an oil change at 7 o'clock AM. Carol wanted to go out for breakfast so I drove my old van to the car shop and Carol picked me up. We went downtown at the Windmill for breakfast. I had not been downtown for a long time. Downtown Holland gets bigger and bigger every year it seems. The scourge of progress. Why can't we go back to the Garden of Eden? After breakfast we drove to the car shop so I could pick up my van and drive the few blocks home. After Carol dropped me off she went to the hospital for a presentation. I came home and wrote in my paper diary. When Carol got home I left to visit local thrift stores to search for used books and then to get coffee beans. I found these used books this morning to add to our library.

"The Oxford Companion To United States History" Edited By Paul S. Boyer

"The Days" memoir by Taha Hussein His Autobiography in Three Parts Translated by E.H. Paxton, Hilary Wayment, & Kenneth Cragg

"Lit" a memoir by Mary Karr

"The English Major" a novel by Jim Harrison

After visiting thrift stores and getting a pound of coffee beans I came home to find Carol messing with our main computer.

Now we are riding the Death Flow in the afternoon hours. The kitchen guys just showed up to finish working on the kitchen. The kitchen should be finished by today Lord willing. I am sick of all the chaos around here! I love order. I like everything in order.

Last night my wife and I watched television shows. My wife went to bed early and I stayed up and dreamed of my youth.

Well there is not much else to confess to the wall. I have been reading these days a book titled, "Called By Triune Grace: Divine Rhetoric and the Effectual Call" by Jonathan Hoglund.

I will close to face what comes next.

new kitchen countertops
kitchen countertops

kitchen countertops

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