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It is in the death flow 6:53 AM Sunday morning. I got up around 6:15 AM. I got a Sunday newspaper off the driveway and then ate a bowl of cereal. Now I am messing with our main computer. I should get myself a cup of coffee. I will drink the coffee I made last night for Carol. Why pour out a whole pot of coffee because it is old.

Last night I went to bed around 9:30 PM but could not fall asleep so I read the book, "The Rise And Fall Of the British Empire" by Lawrence James till I 10:32 PM. Now it is another day to scream into the Void.

Yesterday after getting back from the library used books store I basically dozed and sat in silence till my wife got up to get ready to go to work at 6:15 PM. I plan to do the same thing today, sit in silence. I am sick. I am weary of it all.

I will close to get a cup of coffee and then write some crap in my paper diary. Carol usually gets home from work around 9 o'clock AM. Existence keeps speeding into nothingness.

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