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the wrath of God has been propitiated

It is now in the death flow 6:42 PM Wednesday night. I am recovering from this day. I had my ups and downs today. At times life can be an emotionally roller coaster. All one can do as a Christian is look to the Lord for grace to keep from drowning. Jesus is a Rock in a weary land.

Carol just left to have coffee with someone she once worked with at the hospital. I am listening to Death Metal and waiting to go to bed.

I had a quiet day. I went to three thrift stores this morning. When I got home it was around 12:10 PM. I ate lunch and messed with our main computer. I wrote in my paper diary and then I dozed in the easy chair in the living room till 2 o'clock PM. The mail came around 2:10 PM. Nothing came in the mail to make me wish my lucky stars. I am waiting for books and CD's to come in the mail for me this month.

I read today some of the novel, "The Wanting Seed" by Anthony Burgess. Carol got up around 2:30 PM this afternoon.

Carol and I did yard work late this afternoon. I raked leaves off the back yard because this weekend is the last weekend the city of Holland we pick up leaves. Most of the trees are now bare and waiting to covered with ice and snow.

I have nothing to do this evening but wait to go to bed. Carol said when she gets home she plans to have a glass of wine with pizza and watch one of the television shows I taped for her. I usually go to bed early these days.

I suppose I will close for the day. Tomorrow is a Thursday.

the wrath of God has been propitiated with such finality and such perfection that none remains for the believer

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