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the planet Mars

It is in the death flow 12:15 PM Wednesday afternoon. Outside this afternoon it is cold and gray. There is no evidence of sunshine this afternoon.

I just got back from visiting local thrift stores in search of used books to add to the chaos down in the lower level of our home. I have no room for more books. It is getting nasty when it comes to find room for more used books. I am going to have to start finding another place to live soon.

I found only three used books today-

"Destroy, She Said" a novel by Marguerite Duras translated from the French by Helen Lane Cumberford

"The Planet Mars: A History Of Observation & Discovery" by William Sheehan

"The Workshop: Seven Decades of the Iowa Writers Workshop" 43 Stories, Recollections, & Essays on Iowa's Place in Twentieth-Century American Literature Edited By Tom Grimes

There is not much else to report today. I do the same things each day so why write it all out for the millionth time.

I will close to drift.

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