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the saving righteousness of God

It is 10:20 AM Sunday morning in the death flow. Outside it is a perfect late autumn morning. I should be out there enjoying the autumn morning but instead I am sitting here feeling sick inside due to the Presidential elections. I can not get my head around it that millions of Americans elected Donald Trump to be our President! It makes me sick and not want to live any more in this world. I know for a fact our neighbors voted for Donald Trump. How can I look these neighbors in the face knowing they voted for Trump. And these neighbors claim to be Christians! It makes me sick. I do not know where to turn to for comfort or logic. It is all totally insane!

I got up this morning around 5:45 AM. I made a pot of coffee and then messed with our main computer. Going back to the Presidential elections, the Media got it all wrong. The Media gave me assurance that Trump could not win the election and he did! I no longer can even trust the Media to give me correct information News. Even the Media did not know what was going on in America during the Presidential elections! Who can I trust to give me correct information News? There is no one so here I sit surrounded by darkness and racist hate. It is scary and sickening!

I have been reading my Russian LiveJournal blogs trying to see what kind of News they read. I can't figure out what the Russians think about America or Trump.

After messing with our main computer I wrote in my paper diary and ate food. I then basically sat in our living room and dozed. So has gone by this morning thus far. Last night I watched some college football and went to bed around 9:40 PM. I am thinking of going to bed and never getting up. Tomorrow I have to drive over to Grand Rapids and pick up Carol at the airport. After I do that I am never leaving my bed till I do not feel sick inside.

I have been carrying around to read a book I got in the mail yesterday titled, "The Saving Righteousness of God: Studies on Paul, Justification, and the New Perspective" by Michael Bird. I also received in the mail a book titled, "W.H. Auden: A Biography" by Humphrey Carpenter.

I do not know if I will watch professional football today. I am sick. I will close to feel sick.

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