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the true church is elected of God

It is in the death flow 2:19 PM Saturday afternoon. It is a cold cloudy day here in West Michigan with patches of sunlight. A good day to go chop fire wood.

I volunteered at the Herrick District Public Library Used Books Store today. I brought home these used books from the book nook to Add to our library-

"The Wanting Seed" a novel by Anthony Burgess

"The Longest Road: Overland in Search of America, from Key West to the Arctic Ocean" Travel Memoir by Philip Caputo

"Lullaby" a novel by Chuck Palahniuk

"Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey" a novel by Chuck Palahniuk

"The Flame Throwers" a novel by Rachel Kushner

"YALLAH" Text by Paul Bowles Photographs by Peter W. Haeberlin

The library used books store was very quiet today so I read "Romans 9-16" New Testament VIII Reformation Commentary On Scripture and wandered the store. Now I am home waiting for life to return to normal. I am tired and still feeling sick inside.

I suppose I will close. Last night I read "Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius" biography by Laurence Bergreen and went to bed around 9 o'clock PM. I got up this morning around 6 o'clock AM and left for the library around 9:50 AM.

I got to close to drift and wait to see what comes in the mail this afternoon. Carol usually calls me around 3 o'clock PM from the Southwest.

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