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the ecstatic experience

It is in the death flow 9:10 PM Sunday night. It feels like way past Midnight right now. This time change has really messed me up! I am thinking of going to bed soon since I can think of nothing else to do this evening.

I am down in the lower level right now putting away books and looking at a book titled, "New Art City: Manhattan At Mid-Century" by Jed Perl.

I basically wandered the house and watched professional football today. Carol called me around 3 o'clock PM this afternoon while the girls were taking a nap. We talked for about forty-five minutes on the phone, which is a record for me. I usually can not find anything to talk about on the phone. I usually let the other person talk when I am on the phone. I seek to keep the telephone conversation going by asking questions.

I do not know what I will do tomorrow. It is suppose to be another sunny day tomorrow here in West Michigan. I suppose I will close to get ready to go to bed. Existence keeps speeding by.


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