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theory of self knowledge

It is in the death flow 12:16 PM Friday afternoon here by the Great Lakes. It is a sunny late Autumn day. A good day to watch leaves fall off trees.

I am home from taking Carol to the Gerald Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids. She will be in Phoenix Arizona around 4 o'clock PM today visiting our daughter and her family for ten days. I will stay here guarding the fort from Donald Trump mobocracy.

This morning Carol and I got up early because there was a Craft Fair at a local retirement complex that would have used books for sale. Before going to the Craft Fair we went out for breakfast.

At the Craft Fair this morning I bought these used books-

"The Romanovs: Autocrats of All the Russias" Russian History/Biography by W. Bruce Lincoln

"The Hotel Years" journalism/essays by Joseph Roth Translated by Michael Hofmann

"The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are" theory of self knowledge by Alan Watts

"The Way Of Liberation: Essays and Lectures on the Transformation of the Self" by Alan Watts

"The Hundred-Year House" historical fiction by Rebecca Makkai

"Beethoven: The Music and the Life" biography by Lewis Lockwood

"The Century Of The Impressionists" Art History by Raymond Cogniat

I am tired this afternoon so I plan to just drift through the day. I am too tired to leave my cell this afternoon.

The last book I attempted to read is titled, "A Dangerous Profession: A Book About the Writing Life" essays by Frederick Busch.


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