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a free fall into the Void

It is 10:08 AM Tuesday morning in the death flow. Outside it is cloudy partly sunny day. A mild autumn day here by Lake Michigan. The last gasp of Autumn. It is a new month in the death flow. It will soon be over.

Carol left this morning to visit her brother Dave and his wife Gail. Also she is taking a birthday cake to her younger brother Calvin.

I have been watching the birds and listening to Death metal. Not much else to report this morning. I am not in the mood to read my books right this second.

The last book I attempted to read was titled, "Partisans: Marriage, Politics, And Betrayal Among The New York Intellectuals" by David Laskin.

Last night we watched television shows and went to bed around 10:45 PM. I had a strange religious dream last night. I do not remember much about the dream. I just remember Japanese pergolas. I remember wanting to tell people in the dream how the Lord saved me, but then stopping because I found my spiritual rap boring. I remember in the dream a woman offering me money that was collected during a worship service. I told the woman we did not need the money and to give it to someone else. I woke myself up from this dream because it was stressful. When I got up I found Carol reading her Bible in the living room. I made us oatmeal for breakfast. I am tired of having no functioning kitchen. I then think of all the millions of displaced people who have no functioning kitchen to cook or even have food to cook. The other day I heard a news story that said there are millions of people throughout the world living in slums. This morning I saw pictures on the internet of homeless people having their tents torn down by city authorities. You have millions of homeless people with no place to call home. Someday we will see millions of homeless people roaming America searching for food and shelter. Is it time to get a gun to protect my loved ones?

I will close to wait it out. Maplewood Auto Repair shop called this morning to tell us Carol's car is fixed and we can come and pick it up anytime today.

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