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Paul's New Perspective

It is in the death flow 9:07 AM Thursday morning. Outside it is cold and rainy once again. I wonder if we will every see the sun again. Maybe we have finally come to the closing act.

Carol is out walking Rudy around the neighborhood. The builders will soon be here to work on rebuilding our kitchen. Yesterday the builders started bringing in the cabinets.

This morning Carol and I went out for breakfast. The builders today are going to bring in our new stove from the garage into the kitchen, so tonight we can cook our own food once again. We went out for hamburgers last night for dinner. After dinner on the way home we stopped at Salvation Army thrift store so I could look at their used books. I found these used books to ADD to our library-

"The Humbling" a novel by Philip Roth

"The Drowning Pool" a crime novel by Ross MacDonald

"Julip" a novel by Jim Harrison

"All On Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery" biography by Henry Mayer

"The New Encyclopedia of the American West" Edited by Howard R. Lamar

Yesterday in the mail I received two new books-

"Paul's New Perspective: Charting A Soteriological Journey" by Garwood P. Anderson

"Jean Cocteau: A Life" by Claude Arnaud Translate by Lauren Elkin & Charlotte Mandell

I have been reading,"Paul's New Perspective: Charting A Soteriological Journey" by Garwood P. Anderson this morning for morning worship.

Well I will close since I am sinking fast. Existence keeps decaying

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