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the re-creation of all things

It is in the Death Flow 6:19 PM Sunday night. Outside it is raining and fog is beginning to grow thick as mustard gas.

I have had a normal day as a old middle class white guy. I got up around 6:30 AM to find a pile of dog shit by our bedroom door. So I clean up dog shit before making coffee. I wonder how we are going to make coffee or oatmeal when they destroy our present kitchen in the process of building a new middle class white kitchen?

After making coffee I messed with our main computer. When Carol got up I made us oatmeal for breakfast. After breakfast Carol read the Sunday morning newspapers and I read for awhile from a book titled, "The Day The Revolution Began: Reconsidering the Meaning of Jesus's Crucifixion" by N.T. Wright.

A review of the book, "The Day The Revolution Began" by N.T. Wright

Carol went to Covenant PCA this morning to worship. I made a video for my BookTube while Carol was gone.

During the afternoon hours I basically wandered my cell and wrote in my paper diary. I watched some professional football and messed with our main computer. Existence keeps flowing into a dead end street.

Carol once again left for Covenant PCA to worship this evening. I am tired and do not know what will come next for me.

I have to call my dentist tomorrow morning to have a crown replaced. Yesterday as I was eating some food a crown came free and now I need it glued back on. I do not like appointments especially dentist appointments.

I will close to wander. Tomorrow will soon be sucking my blood.

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