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"Partisans: Marriage, Politics, And Betrayal Among The New York Intellectuals" by David Laskin

"Pinkerton's Sisters" a novel by Peter Rushforth

"A New History Of The Cold War" by John Lukacs

"Wilkie Collins" a short biography by Peter Ackroyd

"The Gathering" a novel by Anne Enright

"This Is How You Lose Her" a novel by Junot Diaz

"The Quiet American" a novel by Graham Greene

"Fin-De-Siecle Vienna: Politics And Culture" by Carl. E. Schorske

"The Gormenghast Novels: Titus Groan, Gormenghast, & Titus Alone" by Mervyn Peake Introductory Essays by Anthony Burgess & Quentin Crisp

"The Epic Of New York City: A Narrative History" by Edward Robb Ellis

"Life and Fate" a novel by Vasily Grossman Translated From The Russian by Robert Chandler

"The Scar" fantasy novel by China Mieville

"Glamorama" a novel by Bret Easton Ellis

"Gigi, Julie de Carneilhan, & Chance Acquaintances" Three Short Stories by Colette Translated from the French by Roger Senhouse and Patrick Leigh Fermor

"Europe's Last Summer: Who Started The Great War In 1914?" by David Fromkin

"Magic, Science and Religion And Other Essays" by Bronislaw Malinowski

"Dreaming In Cuban" a novel by Cristina Garcia

"Leonardo: The Artist And The Man" biography by Serge Bramly

"The Unburied" a novel by Charles Palliser

"Mona Lisa Overdrive" Science Fiction by William Gibson

"City of Sedition: The History of New York City During the Civil War" by John Strausbaugh

"A Little Life" a novel by Hanya Yanagihara

"The Radicalism Of The American Revolution" American History by Gordon S. Wood

"Field Gray" A Bernie Gunther Novel by Philip Kerr

"An Evening Of Long Goodbyes" a novel by Paul Murray

"The Castaway Lounge" a novel by Jon Boilard
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