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gates to beyond

It is 12:27 PM as I stand before the firing squad praying for a safe entrance through the pearly gates. I did leave the house this morning to get bird seed/oil sunflower seeds two forty pound bags for our birds and then on the way home I stopped at thrift stores to search for used books to add to our library. I only found four used books today, here is what I found this morning-

"When The World Was Steady" a novel by Claire Messud

"Bloodtide" a novel by Melvin Burgess

"Elegy For April" a novel by Benjamin Black

"Stalin In Power: The Revolution from Above, 1928-1941" biography/Russian History by Robert C. Tucker

When I got home I emptied the car and then came in the house. I ate lunch and then cataloged the used books I bought today. So goes by my existence. I am thinking of taking a nap this afternoon since last night got out of control.



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