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Ron Rash

"God has Spoken in his Son: A Biblical theology of Hebrews" by Peter T. O'Brien

"The Letter To The Hebrews" [The Pillar New Testament Commentary] by Peter T. O'Brien

"The Race Set Before Us: A Biblical Theology of Perseverance & Assurance" by Thomas R. Schreiner & Ardel B. Caneday

"Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship: How the Bible Shapes Our Interpretive Habits and Practices" by David I. Starling

"Serena" a novel by Ron Rash

"Above the Waterfall" a novel by Ron Rash

"The Cove" a novel by Ron Rash

"The World Made Straight" a novel by Ron Rash

"Chanel: A Woman of Her Own" a biography by Axel Madsen

"Roxana" a novel by Daniel Defoe

"Once Is Not Enough" a novel by Jacqueline Susann

"The Lost Girl" a novel by D.H. Lawrence

"The Horse's Mouth" a novel by Joyce Cary

"Honorable Men" a novel by Louis Auchincloss

"The Book Of Revelation" a novel by Rupert Thomson

"Mr. Bedford And The Muses" Stories by Gail Godwin

"The Friends of Freeland" a novel by Brad Leithauser

"In Paradise" a novel by Peter Matthiessen

"Portrait Of An Artist, As An Old Man" a novel by Joseph Heller

"Einstein's Dreams" a novel by Alan Lightman

"The Diagnosis" a novel by Alan Lightman

"White Trash Cooking" by Ernest Matthew Mickler


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