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old diary stuff February 11, 2005

at the top of the mountain of death[ edit | delete ] February 11, 2005 | At: 2:54 PM | Permalink bookmark| Tags: uncategorized I am home from work. Right now my computer tells me the time is 5:22 PM. I got out of work at 4 o'clock PM today. When I got home from work I found Carol sleeping and Rudy waiting for me. I cleaned up and put away what I wrote at work today during my 30 minute lunch break. I am glad it is a Friday since I feel like crap. I think I am getting overly tired. What else can be the cause of my horrible mood? I hope I am not becoming a sour old man. I want to be a kind gentle old man who shines the glory light of Christ. "Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord." 2 Corinth. 3:17,18 I had a horrible day at work since I am feeling so down-depressed-tired-sour-but the Lord got me to the end of another work week-number 586 or is this work week 587? Anyway it is the end of another week of toil and I have two days to seek healing from the hand of God. I need the healing touch of the Lord Jesus. Carol works this weekend so I will spend my days in solitude. At work today I wrote these words on the piece of paper I keep in my back pants pocket---you climb the mountain of death and when you reach the top you scream in despair and then climb down. I also made a note to myself to maybe finish reading T.C. Boyle's novel "Drop City" this weekend. I need something easy to read right now since I feel like cow dung. I do not know what I will do tonight? I need to go downtown and pick up a CD order-might while I am downtown get a mocha to celebrate finishing another week of work? At work today I noticed my mind going back deep into my past-my life before I left California-the days when I was young living in Richmond Calif. when I was in love with Tykie-who was the fellow back then? I was in my early 20's when I was in love with Tykie-now I am 52 years old-this coming May Carol and I will celebrate 26 years of marriage-our oldest son is 24 years old. Where does time go? At work today I was trying to remember how many times I got spaced on LSD? I must have taken LSD at least 30 to 40 times when I was a young man. I smoked a ton of weed when I was young. Did all those drugs change my personality? Did the drug LSD change my vision of life in this dead american world? Personally I believe right now I have a biblical world and life view of Reality. I am right now totally God conscious. I live each moment of existence in the light of the approaching destruction of the world system-our days our numbered so I must be certain I am ready to face the Judge Jesus Christ. Well I am tired-I will close to rest-listen to music-wait for the end.

Music: Matt Sweeney & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Superwolf".

from glorycloud :
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from bathtubmary :
email me at bathtubmarygirl dot gmail dot com and i'll send you the pw.

from seattle-rain :
Ignorance is bliss, I suppose!

from astralounge :
Thanks for weighing in with your opinion. But I think you meant to say my dad is "right," not "write." I'm not going to waste time worrying about what you think of me. You don't know me. If my writing bores you, don't read it. Simple as that.

from glorycloud :
abhoredbygodreprobate here is a list of my Interests from my LJ blog-people tend to put evangelical Christians in a box--- Interests of a normal Bible believing Christian 19th cent. american literature, allen ginsberg, american church history, american transcendentalism, aphex twin, apophatic theology, arab strap, art, arthur rimbaud, atlas sound, bardo pond, bauhaus, black dice, black rebel motorcycle club, blonde redhead, bob dylan, books, bookstores, boris, buffalo tom, built to spill, calla, calvinism, castanets, charles bukowski, chris whitley, christian mysticism, christian spirituality, church history, constantines, cormac mccarthy, covenant theology, crooked fingers, cruciform love, dandy warhols, david bowie, deerhunter, denis johnson, dionysius the areopagite, dreaming, elliott smith, emile zola, emily dickinson, emptiness, eschatology, eternal life, ezra pound, frank black, fyodor dostoyevsky, galaxie 500, growing old, guided by voices, gustave flaubert, heaven, hell, henry james, henry miller, holiness, jack kerouac, james joyce, john calvin, john of the cross, john ruusbroec, jonathan edwards, joseph arthur, kazuo ishiguro, larry brown, libraries, life, literature, lou barlow, love making, low, lucinda williams, luna, marcel proust, marriage, mars volta, matthew sweet, meshuggah, michael gira, monks, music, my morning jacket, mystery, native americans, new birth, new covenant theology, new testament, new testament theology, nick cave, nietzsche, old testament theology, oneida, pain, paul weller, pauline theology, pavement, pearl jam, pentecostalism, peter murphy, postmoderism, primal scream, pulp, puritan theology, reading, reformed theology, richard russo, sebadoh, silence, simplicity, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, spiritual ecstasy, stereophonics, steve wynn, superchunk, t. coraghessan boyle, teresa of avila, the 60's, the afghan whigs, the angels of light, the beats, the bible, the black angels, the black heart procession, the blue nile, the cloud of unknowing, the contemplative life, the lord jesus christ, the old testament, the swans, the twilight singers, thievery corporation, thomas merton, tom waits, uncle tupelo, vampires, van morrison, will oldham, william burroughs, william carlos williams, william t. vollmann, work, writing, xiu xiu, yo la tengo, yukio mishima.

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abhorself more information about me a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ--- My favorite music: The Swans comments: clinic, doves, flaming lips, pavement, pedro the lion, the shins, south, blur, supergrass, the lucksmiths, the walkmen Woven Hand comments: interpol, wilco, son ambulance, beck, neil halstead, nick drake, paul westerberg, portastatic, the books, the angels of light, the stills, pearl jam Built To Spill comments: the faint, mayday, cursive, the bevis frond, elf power, luna, tindersticks, the cash brothers, the stratford 4, calla Grandaddy comments: parts & labor, portishead, autechre, boards of canada, aphex twin, mojave 3, arab strap, placebo, the pixies, yo la tengo, matthew sweet, the verve, soledad brothers Starflyer 59 comments: liars, sleater-kinney, sparta, modest mouse, beth orton, the american analog set, cat power, eels, deerhoof, spoon, hot snakes My favorite movies: Romeo Is Bleeding comments: Gary Oldman is great is this film-Oldman is one of my favorite actors Fearless comments: I think this is one of Jeff Bridges best films Cinderfella comments: Jerry Lewis is one of the greatest comic actors of all time Platoon comments: Willem Dafoe is one of the best character actors around today Born On The Fourth of July comments: Willem Dafoe is great in this movie My favorite authors: Thomas Manton The Cloud of Unknowing Richard Baxter St. John of the Cross Jack Kerouac.

from glorycloud :
abhor thanks for the note-my son knows my interests in books-just because I am a Christian does not mean I can love Art or literature--- My name is Jonny and I am married. I have been married 29 years to Carol (she is a night Rapid Response nurse at a local community hospital). We have three grown children Beth, Josiah and Caleb. I am a Christian. I collect books and CD's for a hobby. I love words. My Interests: books, music, writing, Christian Spirituality, theology, Calvinism, biblical theology, Old Testament, New Testament, the Lord Jesus Christ, The Fall, the Beats, Jack Kerouac, nature, hell, heaven, death, existence, bookstores, the contemplative life, silence, monks, old age, marriage, English Puritanism, Puritan Theology, The Twilight Singers, New Covenant Theology, Pedro the Lion, Pauline Theology, the Afghan Whigs, The Swans, Luna, Pavement, Guided by Voices, Built to Spill, St. John of the Cross, prayer, The Cloud of Unknowing, Crooked Fingers, Superchunk, Tom Waits, Thomas Merton, Wolf Eyes, love, time, Supergrass, the Pixies, work, history, Morphine, hermeneutics, the history of biblical interpretation, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Post-Modernism.

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