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Used Books, Reflections on Diversity in the Literary World & Nell Zink BookTube video

In this video I made for my BookTube channel I mentioned these books-

"The Race Set Before Us: A Biblical Theology of Perseverance & Assurance" by Thomas R. Schreiner & Ardel B. Caneday

"Hogarth: A Life and a World" biography by Jenny Uglow

"Mickelsson's Ghosts" a novel by John Gardner

"Mad Enchantment: Claude Monet And The Painting Of The Water Lilies" biography by Ross King

"The Writer's Chapbook: A Compendium of Fact, Opinion, Wit, and Advice from 20th Century's Preeminent Writers" Edited from The Paris Review interviews and with an Introduction by George Plimpton

"The Beach: The History Of Paradise On Earth" Cultural History by Lena Lencek & Gideon Bosker

"The Odds" A Love Story by Stewart O'Nan

"Brown Dog" Novellas by Jim Harrison

"The Angel Of Darkness" a novel by Ernesto Sabato Translated by Andrew Hurley

Ernesto Sabato

"The Bridegroom" Stories by Ha Jin

"A Relative Stranger" Stories by Charles Baxter

"On Canaan's Side" a novel by Sebastian Barry

Sebastian Barry

"Jack Maggs" a novel by Peter Carey

"The Wallcreeper" a novel by Nell Zink

"Mislaid" a novel by Nell Zink

"Private Novelist" two novels in one volume by Nell Zink

"The Feminization Of American Culture" Cultural History by Ann Douglas

"Terrible Honesty: Mongrel Manhattan In The 1920's" Cultural History by Ann Douglas

(Ann Douglas wrote an Introduction of the Penguin Classic Deluxe Edition of "The Dharma Bums" a novel by Jack Kerouac that is worth reading.)

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