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the kiss of decay

It is 5:55 PM Tuesday evening. It is still light here in West Michigan. It gets dark around 9:30 PM these days. Winter is slowly approaching. Death is hissing.

I have been wandering the house and reading the novel "George Mills" by Stanley Elkin. I received in the mail a used book I had ordered from Amazon titled, "Genoa: A Telling Of Wonders" experimental fiction by Paul MetCalf. I have a habit of buying books no one has heard of. I am always searching for books that have been passed over. Why read what everyone else is reading? I personally like to read books that are challenging.

Carol will soon be getting up to get ready to go to work. She works tonight and tomorrow night, then she is off four nights. Carol sometimes thinks she will be working till she is 70 years old. It will be like the old days when people worked till they died. I always thought years ago (now many year ago) that I would die in a pulpit as I was preaching the unspeakable glories of the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead I will probably die in some retirement home in a small room filled with the smell of ammonia. I would like to smell fresh again but that is not to be. Now is the time for me to bow my knee to the kiss of decay.

I have no plans for the evening hours. I will read my books and go to bed a decent time. Last night I did not want to go to bed, but I went to bed because there was nothing else to do but sit in my dark study and remember days of yesterday. Carol went to bed early last night.

Well, I hear my wife getting up so I will close to make a fresh pot of coffee.


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